Registered McNabs

Started and trained dogs are available
Started dogs 30-60 days of training on cattle range in price $1500-$2000.
Trained and experienced cattle dogs range in price $2500-$6500.
Contact me for more information.
Ready to start dogs - $1000 - $1200
  • Aggressive - Short haired
  • Black & White and Red & White
  • Very smart & controllable
  • Three separate McNab lines
I have been raising McNabs since 1973. I prefer the tighter tougher feet and the endurance of the McNab. The tighter foot because it is less likely to be bothered by foxtail or burr problems. The endurance is important to me because I gather wild cattle in steep brushy country. My dogs need to be able to continue to go day after day. When I am out on a job, I need to be able to count on my dogs to get the job done.

McNabs date back to 1868 when the first fox shepherd was imported from Scotland by Alaxander McNab. Mr. McNab settled in Mendocino County, California on what is now known as the McNab ranch, south of Ukiah. The McNabs were bred for short hair and the ability to head and heel. These dogs are stock dogs, bred to work.

Mc Nab Puppies - Males $800 - Females $850

I raise 30-40 McNab and McNab Border Collie puppies annually.  The pups come Red primary coats with white markings and Black primary coats with white trim.  Puppies are available most of the time.  The female producers are Gina, Abby, Jet, & Danelle all are McNabs.
Taking orders. Contact me for more information.


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