Born 4/24/48, I was raised on a Hereford ranch in Washington state. During my adolescent years I began training dogs and horses at age 12. I completed high school and graduated in 1966. I completed two years of college, and also obtained my Real Estate License in 1968. I continued training horses and dogs for the neighboring ranches.

1964-1970 Trained horses/dogs and assisted in ranch duties on my father's ranch.

1970-1975 Purchased my own ranch Butte Falls, Oregon. I owned a modest herd of 125 cows on private and forest service and BLM ground. I continued to train horses/dogs throughout the Medford area and Jackson county.

1975-1980 Leased my ranch and went to work for Jerry Maltby on the 4000 acre "Broken Box Ranch", Alturas CA.
My duties as ranch manager included:
· Record keeping,
· Overseeing the cowboy and farm crews,
· Herd health
· Machinery maintenance
· Ranch maintenance
· Irrigation
· Farming
· Assisting in calving
· Artificial insemination
· Palpating for pregnancy
· Vaccinations
· Treating sick animals
· Breaking/training of ranch horses
· Marketing/sales
· Overall miscellaneous ranch duties.
The herds consisted of 550 commercial cows, 125 registered cows and 25 Ramuda, (herd of horses).

1976 I graduated Curtis Breeding School as an A.I. technician, and certified to palpate cattle for pregnancy. I wanted to upgrade the registered herd of cattle, by selecting superior herd sires and breeding with the use of artificial insemination.

1980-1983 After the sale of the Broken Box Ranch in 1980, I trained horses/dogs, ran my own artificial insemination/pregnancy checking business out of Bend, Oregon. I also caught wild horses under contract of the U.S. Forest Service on the Devils Garden, out of Alturas, CA.

1983-1985 I went back to work for Jerry Maltby at his new facilities, in Oakdale CA.
"The Bovine Test Center" which was the largest bull test/collection and embryo transfer unit in the United States. I was hired as Herdsman. My responsibilities were listed in my job description as follows:
· Herd health- recipient cattle-treatments and follow up reports.
· All shipments of cattle and documentation
· Processing donor and recipient cattle on arrival
· Daily record keeping/reports to office personnel
· Heat synchronization of recipient cattle to donor cattle
· Artificial insemination-donors and custom breeding jobs
· Calving of ET calves and all others
· Identification, weighing and recording of all calves
· Prepare recipient cattle for transfers
· Heat observation-K-mar heat tabs/ gomer bulls/ with ink ball halter
· Administer medicine infusions after calving
· Assisting during flushes and transfers
· Birth, weaning and yearling weight of all calves

1985-1987 After the close of the Bovine Test Center I took a job with Richard Van Horn in Shandon CA. as "Working Ranch Cowboy" My responsibilities were as follows:
· Manage the historical "San Juan Ranch" 8200 acres, small portion of the operation. Total acreage including farm ground approximately 30,000 acres.
· Care of 60 herd bulls, 1000 mother cows, 100 registered Gelbvieh cows, and 2500 stockers.
· Riding horseback every day, checking for sick cattle
· Roping and treating sick livestock
· Vaccinating
· Branding
· Dehorning
· Castrating
· Herd health
· Notify head quarters for down fences, or fence repairs
· Artificial insemination
· Heat synchronization of recipient cows
· Heat observation-K-mar heat tabs/ gomer bulls/with ink ball halter
· Assisting in embryo transfer flushes
· Weighing/tagging identifying, with mother
· Record keeping
· Breaking/training ranch horses

1987-1989 Employed by "Ted R Cooper Herefords" as ranch manager. Responsibilities as follows:

· Overall management of the cattle ranch operation. The headquarters consisted of 250 irrigated acres in permanent pasture and 1500 acres of dry land farming and pasture ground, located in another area.
· Hiring of personnel
· Marketing of 80 (2 year breeding bulls) annually
· Fitting and showing cattle
· Selecting herd sires and artificially inseminating the 200 registered Hereford cow herd.
· Managing herd health on all cattle including 200 commercial cow and bull/heifer crop.
· Vaccinating
· Branding
· Heat observation
· Weighing --birth/weaning/yearling
· Tagging new calves and identifying with mother
· Record keeping
· Book Keeping

January 1st 1990-Present. Since the Ted R. Cooper Ranch dispersed in December of 1989, I have been operating as "Gary L.Williams Contract Cowboy." Work responsibilities are as follows:

· Owner/operator
· Raising Cattle
· Raising AQHA horses
· Gathering, roping, branding, for clientele
· Catching wild and/or spoiled cattle/horses/ burros/goats/sheep
· Horse training-Mustangs/young /spoiled/roping
· Dog training-Obedience and working cattle/sheep dog
· Selling trained cattle dogs and puppies
· Raising and breeding registered McNabs since 1973, "Dogs With Bite."
· Selling AQHA horses
AQHA Stallion service